Examination and registration of the safety data sheet

Safety data sheets are included in the documentation that is provided for standardization, certification of substances and materials, state environmental expertise, licensing, as well as in the accompanying documentation required by customs services when transporting chemical products across the territory of the Russian Federation and export-import operations.

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Prepare documents for products

  • Regulatory document

    As a normative technical or information document, the following can act: GOST, TU, STO, OST, SDS.

    You can requestthe development of a regulatory document

  • SGR (if necessary)? When determining the need to issue a certificate of state registration (SGR), one should be guided by the EAEU HS code, product name and scope specified in Section II (paragraphs 1-11) of the "Unified List of Products (Goods) subject to State sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision (Control) at the customs border and the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union" (Decision of the CU Commission No. 299)
    You can request development of the SGR
  • Protocols (if necessary) In case your products have not been studied and information about their properties is not available in open information sources, You can conduct research by backing them up with test protocols.
    You can requestrequest laboratory tests

Decide on the timing

Term Cost for the applicant Cost for the intermediary
21 working day 10 936 rubles 14 593 rubles
11 working days 13 888 rubles 16 684 rubles
8 working days 16 456 rubles 21 340 rubles
5 working days 19 360 rubles 27 958 rubles

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Recommendations for improvement

Having received recommendations on the revision of the Safety Data Sheet, you should take into account significant comments and send a set of documents for review again.

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Safety data sheets of the Russian Federation