Safety data sheets for export (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is a technical document that is developed in accordance with the legislation of the countries of supply. SDS will contain information on the safety of industrial and domestic use, storage, transportation and disposal of chemical products.


Receiving a service


Send us the request for the service in free form

In your request, provide names of countries to which the delivery of products is planned, and offer available documentation and information on chemical products:

• Technical name of the product in Russian and English;

• The composition of products (weight range of components (%) with identification numbers (CAS, EU numbers and registration number if registration in REACH was carried out));

• The information card of the applicant organization for the drafting of the agreement contract (partner card);

• Regulatory instrument for the product (GOST, Technical specification, OST, STO, e.t.c);

• Test reports - if available;

• Russian SDS - if available.

Send the request to our email: passport@ciscenter.org In the subject line, you must specify "Request for the developing of SDS."


Agree on the timing and cost of the work

SDS is developed in English, the timing and cost of work depend on the countries to which the delivery of products is planned, as well as the need for translation into Russian/the language of the country where the products are supplied. We will try to combine as many countries as possible into one SDS for your savings.


Getting SDS

When the work is finished, SDS may be received in electronic form in DOC format in English. If you have any questions, please, contact us by the following phone number

+7 (495) 128-95-45

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