Greenhouse gas issues

Our specialists provide services for calculating greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with international standards ISO 14064, GHG Protocol, other international and corporate standards, and also accompany the project in verifying GHG emissions. Consulting services are also available for the implementation and paperwork  of climate projects in various industries and support during their validation and verification. More detailed information can be obtained by consulting our specialists.


Receiving a service


Send your request in free form indicating:

  • Service of interest
  • Name of the organization
  • Classification according to OKVED
  • Main activity of the organization
  • Approximate number of GHG emission sources
  • Description of the climate project



Agree on the timing and cost of the work

We will prepare a commercial offer, arrange a meeting and answer all questions.


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For more accurate calculations, we send specialists to production


Support during verification or validation by an independent validation and verification body


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