Environmental product declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a type III eco-label (ISO 14025) used to communicate information about the environmental aspects of a product or service throughout its life cycle. Its development requires a life cycle assessment (LCA study, ISO 14040) in accordance with the Product Category Rules (PCR) of the EPD system in which the EPD is planned to be registered. Our specialists provide a full range of services, from conducting LCA, selecting or developing PCRs (if necessary) to creating the EPD, supporting verification, and registering the EPD.

Receiving a service


Please submit your request in a free form, specifying:

  • The requested service
  • Type of product
  • Classification according to OKPD2 or TN VED code
  • Organization's name
  • Classification according to OKVED
  • Main type of organization's activity
  • Scope of product application
  • Brief description of the production technology of the product

to the email d.vadivasov@ciscenter.org


Agree on the timing and cost of the work

We will prepare a commercial proposal and will be happy to arrange a meeting to address any questions


Welcome us as guests

To familiarize with the technological processes and to gather the necessary information for calculations, we are sending specialists to the production site


Accept the results

In addition to conducting a life cycle assessment and preparing an EPD, we will submit the documents for verification by a verifier, obtain a verification statement, and register the declaration in one of the EPD systems (for example, The International EPD® System)

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Environmental product declaration