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XIV International conference «Combined transportation of Dangerous Goods»

Petergof, Russia

March 22-23, 2018 in Petergof entitled a conference: Combined transportation of Dangerous Goods». The organizers of the event were International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association. The conference was attended by: the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Association «GRUZAVTOTRANS», Russion Register, National Bureau of Expertise, speakers of Service for Supervision, ecognized organizations in the maritime safety field, freight forwarders, experts in the safe goods transportation.

Topics for discussion:
- Actual problems in the sphere of handling dangerous goods and possible solutions to them.
- Actual problems in the sphere internal autotransportation.
- Requirements for the draw up of a set of transport documents for the transport of dangerous goods by sea.
- Recognized organizations and competent authorities.
- Requirements for recognized organizations.
- Accreditation of testing laboratories.
- Competent Authority for Transport in the Russian Federation.

Vinogradova O.A., Senior Specialist on CIS Center Chemical Safety Department made a presentation on the topic: «Russian SDS Register, requirements for compilation and registration». The presentation highlighted the main sections and information of SDS, related to the transport of dangerous goods and the draft Annex «A» to section 14 of the Russian SDS. The Annex is specifying and presenting in more extended form information on the dangerous goods transportation.

Useful resources:

Vinogradova O.A.
Dobrenskaya I.O.


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