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The second conference call of the APEC CD Virtual Working Group on Data Exchange

16 February 2018
CIS Center jointly with Singapore held the conference call of the APEC CD Virtual Working Group on Data Exchange. Representatives from Russia, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Chinese Taipei took part in this conference call.
The main topics of the teleconference are the updated Terms of Reference and the Work Plan for 2018. Among the content areas of the plan the possibilities of interaction between the APEC Chemical Dialogue and the UN Sub-Committee of GHS experts were discussed in order to supplement the GHS with information on the management of chemical exposures. Also the proposal to create an Interactive Guide on chemicals regulations worldwide was considered.
In addition, participants were able to assess accomplishments of the new information portal for the operational work of the group and the posting of conference materials.
VWG DE is expected to meet in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) at the APEC Chemical Dialogue in August.

The Russian Federation is the founder and co-chair of the virtual working group since 2012. This year, Cissie Yeung (Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd, Singapore) was invited as a co-chair to ensure a greater participation of industry representatives in the work of the group.