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Workshop on programme «Assessment of physical hazards»

Moscow, the Russian Federation
April 13, 2017

Workshop was held in CIS Center Russia, it was devoted to assessment of physical hazards of chemicals.
As a lecturer there was invited dr. Dieter Heitkamp, a principal expert of chemical safety from large chemical and pharmaceutical company «Bayer» in Germany.
The following topics were covered during the workshop:
1) Physical and chemical properties of liquids,
2) Physical hazards in accordance with the GHS,
3) Physical hazards: practical usage of the GHS within the framework of pre-assessment procedure according to the Manual of Tests (UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods).
At the meeting there were fully covered the questions about hazard classification, compilation of SDS, needs of testing in order to physical hazards assessment and the other aspects.
The workshop was in English.