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Russian-Swedish workshop “Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industry”

Ministry of Natural resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
May 30-31. 2018

CIS Center expert took part in the Russian-Swedish workshop on the energy efficiency in buildings and industry. This workshop was held under the umbrella of the project on Capacity building for managing greenhouse gas emissions, including the best available techniques use, for achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement of the UNFCCC, in the Russian Federation and Sweden. The Swedish side was represented by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Swedish companies.

Improving energy efficiency is the one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases lead to climate change, affecting human health and the environment, and also bring enormous losses to the government and industry. The workshop purpose was sharing the experience on effective public policies and private initiatives leading to improve energy efficiency and, as a result, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The parties presented reports on government measures to improve energy efficiency and practical examples of implementing relevant policies. Some of the reports was devoted to the interaction between the authorities and the owners of buildings aimed at implementing energy-saving solutions.

CIS Center presented a report on voluntary initiatives in this area, such as energy efficiency labelling and environmental product declaration. As one of the tools for increasing the energy efficiency, it is proposed to use the life-cycle assessment, the development environmental product declaration on its basis with the subsequent registration in the international system.

The International EPD® System’s hub is opening now in Russia on the basis of the CIS Center. The International EPD® System is an international system for registering of environmental product declarations, a member of the ECO Platform, a platform for registering environmental product declarations for building materials recognized worldwide.