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of CIS Member States on approximation of regulatory practices

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The first meeting of the intersessional process on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management

Brazil, Brasilia
7-9 February 2017

The meeting covered the main global trends in the chemical industry and good regulatory practice. The main topics raised at the meeting are the multisectoral approach to chemicals regulation and active involvement of the scientific community in regulatory decisions. Sustainable chemistry and green chemistry as well as chemicals in products were discussed on the informal dialogues carried out during the Intersessional meeting. . It should be noted, that governments and industry expressed their interest in the sustainable chemistry. The participants also made an important accent on the sound management of natural resources as well as stimulating of innovations at the all stages of life cycle, including a rational approach to the design, production and recycling  of the chemicals. Special attention was paid to the importance of a multisectoral approach - the participation of various stakeholders in the formation of regulatory decisions in the field of chemicals and wastes. In Russia there is created the Interministerial Working Group for an active involvement of various agencies indevelopment of proposals for the participation in the SAICM . These activities are directed on the facilitation and strengthening of Russian chemicals export and improving the sound management of chemicals taking into account the best international practices.

Photo: Photo by IISD/ENB | Diego Noguera