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6th Central and Eastern Europe regional meeting on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management


Lodz, Poland
February 19-21, 2018

CIS Center experts took part in the meeting of Central and Eastern Europe on SAICM.
Remind you that currently the 2020 goal and SAICM overall objective is the achievement of the sound management of chemicals throughout their life cycle so that by the year 2020, chemicals are produced and used in ways that minimize significant adverse impacts on the environment and human health.
As soon as the year 2020 is not so far, there are a lot of discussions on Strategic Approach vision and goals beyond 2020. Participants of the regional meeting highlighted, that assumed goals should be measurable and feasible.
One of the assumed goals is the implementing of the GHS. It should be mentioned, that now in Russia there is an active process of preparation for the coming into force EAEU technical regulation “On the safety of chemicals”. This regulation will make the GHS mandatory for applying on the EAEU territory.
For the support of the region following work OECD introduced the industrial chemicals management system scheme, which includes, among other things, generation and collection of data, hazard and risk assessment and risk management. Following the OECD presentation CIS Center presented the practical experience of this scheme usage.