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The 21th Chemical Dialogue of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC CD)

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
05 – 07 August 2018

The Chemical Dialogue (CD) serves as a forum for regulatory officials and industry representatives to find solutions to challenges the chemical industry facing in the Asia-Pacific Region through the promotion of social and economic integration, chemicals trade expansion.

The 21th meeting of the Chemical Dialogue was conducted during the third APEC Senior Officials' Meeting in early August 2018. The CIS Center experts, as a regular part of the Russian Federation delegation in the APEC CD, made presentations on the latest updates of chemicals management in Russia.

The Russian Federation is a Co-Chair of one of the APEC CD Virtual working groups called the Virtual working group on data exchange. Its main objective is to contribute to CD’s activities on trade facilitation in the chemicals sector and enhancing of integration and sustainable development of the industry in the Asia-Pacific Region. The VWG on data exchange undertakes a number of activities, focused on information sharing, fostering cooperation between business and governments on voluntary initiatives, enhancing synergy and complementarities with other regional and international institutions and fora on the issues of mutual concern (e.g. OECD, UN, SAICM).

The CIS Center experts administer the VWG on data exchange Secretariat and maintain the development and realization of the VWG activities. At the 21st CD meeting the latest updates of the VWG on data exchange were discussed, in particular, special attention was given to the creation of the Interactive Guide on chemicals regulations worldwide, which could improve and facilitate the information sharing on chemicals management between stakeholders, including APEC economies and different international organizations on the issues of mutual concern.

The Co-Chairs of the Chemical Dialogue supported the further work of the VWD DE and encouraged the representatives of APEC economies to cooperate.

Useful resource:
1) APEC website
2) VWG DE informational platform

The 21th APEC CD Agenda

The CIS Center experts as
the part of the Russian
Federation delegation in
Aleksandra Liashik,
Aleksandr Derbenev