Coordinating Informational Center
of CIS Member States on approximation of regulatory practices

CIS Center

General information

The Association “Non-commercial partnership“ Coordination and Information Center of the CIS Member States for the Approximation of Regulatory Practices ”(CIC Center”) was formed on the initiative of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology in 2008.


Harmonization of evidence-based approaches, programs and projects to approximate regulatory practices


Promoting approximation of regulatory practices, including in the handling of chemicals and raw materials


Supporting the activities of the chemical and petrochemical industry in meeting the requirements for the circulation of chemicals on the market

The main goal of the association is to develop and agree on scientifically based methodological approaches, programs and projects for the convergence of regulatory practices, including in the handling of chemicals and raw materials, in the implementation of technical regulation, standardization, metrology and conformity assessment.

The CIS Center is entrusted with the maintenance of the secretariats of technical committees for standardization TC 60 / MTK 527 "Chemistry" and TC 339 "Safety of raw materials, materials and substances", within the framework of which the harmonization of national norms and rules of the Russian Federation with international recommendations regarding the implementation of the GHS is carried out and OECD test methods, as well as updating the existing fund and developing new standards for chemicals.

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For many years, the Association's employees have been providing information, analytical and expert support for the activities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, as well as defending the interests of the domestic industry at such international platforms and forums as the APEC Chemical Dialogue, UN-SGS Subcommittee, Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), and the OECD Chemical Committee and its working structures.

Since 2009, the CIS Center has been holding annual conferences, training seminars and discussion events with the participation of representatives of government agencies, industry and the scientific community, being a platform for building a constructive dialogue on topical issues of regulating the circulation of chemicals.

The CIS Center carries out work on the examination and registration of Safety Data Sheets for chemicals in the Russian Federation in accordance with the Order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation dated June 11, 2014 No. 963.

Interlaboratory comparison testing according to ASTM International proficiency testing programs is another unique service provided by the Association.

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To consolidate efforts in the field of secondary resources management, development of resource conservation based on the best available technologies, as well as the best regulatory practices, including the handling of chemicals and mixtures (chemical products), the Department of the International Public Organization "Academy of Quality Problems" "Best Available Technologies and Resource Saving ".

Candidate of Economics was elected President of the Academy. n. Skobelev Dmitry Olegovich.

Scientific secretary: Ph.D. n. Muratova Nadezhda Mikhailovna.

The newly created Branch of the Academy will bring together scientists, practitioners, representatives of the business community and the public to solve urgent quality problems in the handling of chemicals and mixtures in the activities of modern industrial and economic complexes. The department will also act as a scientific and technical platform for the formation of the principles of environmental industrial policy.

In the field of scientific and practical interests of the Department - assistance in organizing and conducting scientific research, contributing to the development of optimal solutions for the modernization of technologies and methods of production management, improving the level of quality, safety and competitiveness of products, including using secondary resources, using the best available technologies and best regulatory practices.