Service: Submit an application for the development and registration of “Annex A. Transport information”

Coordinating Informational Center
of CIS Member States on approximation of regulatory practices

CIS Center

Service: Submit an application for the development and registration of “Annex A. Transport information”

The procedure of the service
Standard timeframe: 15 calendar days
Cost of service: based on an invoice
The service can be provided only for the previously registered Russian SDS.
  • 1 Form a set of documents and send a request
      Please send the following set of documents to for the preliminary assessment:
    • Application letter from the organization (using its letterhead) which submitted the documents (addressed to the CIS Center Deputy Director Olga Chechevatova);
    • Text and title page of the registered Russian SDS,
    • Copy of the regulatory document in accordance with which the product is manufactures (GOST, Technical specification, STO, OST)
    • Partner card / company details
      If your request is urgent please additionally indicate this in the letter. Within 2-3 days, further questions (if necessary) and the results of the preliminary examination of documents will be sent to the e-mail from which the request was received. If there is enough information, you will receive an agreement (if necessary) and an invoice for payment. The service can be provided both with and without an agreement (based on an invoice) with a 100% non-cash advance payment.
  • 2 Pay the invoice and send the payment transaction confirmation to
  • 3 Proceedings and finalization

      Information on the development and registration of “Annex A. Transport information” to the Russian Safety Data Sheet as well as any questions from the contractor will be sent to the e-mail indicated in the letter and / or in the application. Before the deadline, the title page of the “Annex A. Transport information” will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail for preliminary approval. If the applicant signs the scan-copy of the title page it is considered to be agreed upon. When the work is finished the complete set of documents (including accounting documents) is prepared. This set of documents can be sent by express mail if there is a delivery address or handed over to the courier service of the customer / representative of the applicant company by prior agreement with the contractor.

      “Annex A. Transport information” is registered when the title page is received by the CIS Center, signed by both the applicant and the contractor.

  • 4“Annex A. Transport information” to section 14 of the Russian SDS includes:
    • All information about the transport of dangerous goods with the list of the rules applicable to each type of transport; Requirements for the joint transportation of various dangerous goods using one transport unit;
    • Special requirements and prohibitions which crew members must comply with when transporting dangerous goods;
    • Information on the dangerous physical and chemical properties of the cargo, etc.
      Annex A is developed as necessary. It is a part of Russian SDS and annex to 14 section as an additional part. 

    The information in Annex A may be useful to: employees of regulatory bodies which control the transportation of dangerous goods, vehicle drivers, port heads, freight forwarders and logisticians, managers and heads of companies involved in the transportation of dangerous goods,
    consultants (authorized) on safety issues for transportation of dangerous goods, workers who prepare and transfer dangerous goods for transportation, as well as fill out transport accompanying documents for dangerous goods cargo. This document will help users to summarize the basic requirements for transportation of dangerous goods without the need to study diverse regulatory documents in details.