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Electronic platform


Electronic platform

This platform is intended for expert discussion of issues and exchange of experience in the application of chemical products regulating best practices.
The main goal is to facilitate interaction between various groups of experts working at international and national venues.


APEC CD Virtual working group on data exchange



In keeping with APEC priorities Chemical Dialogue has committed to facilitate trade in the chemicals sector and enhance integration and sustainable development of the industry in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Virtual Working Group on Data Exchange was established in 2012 in order to facilitate the CD’s contribution to the APEC agenda for advancing of these goals through information sharing, fostering cooperation between business and governments on voluntary initiatives, enhancing synergy and complementarities with other regional and international institutions and fora on the issues of mutual concern (e.g. OECD, UN, SAICM, CSD etc.).



Secretary of Interministerial working group on SAICM




The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) is an initiative of the international community aimed at achieving sustainable development, protecting the environment and human health.
The main goal of SAICM is to achieve sound management of chemicals throughout their life cycle in such a way that by the year 2020 to "minimize the harm caused by the use of chemicals to human health and the environment".
To coordinate the participation of the Russian Federation in the SAICM mechanism on the basis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia it was established an Interministerial Working Group.



of experts on GHS




The main field of activity of Sub-Committee of experts on GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) is development and improvement of UN-GHS Recommendations and that implementation thru the national legislation. The key issues through the meetings are modifying, supplementing, and refining of current GHS edition in the light of new knowledge and experience.
Currently, there are next working groups (WG) activities on the Platform:
WG on development of a global list of classified chemicals, classified in accordance with the GHS;
WG on review of chapter 2.1 (Explosives);
WG on labeling of small packagings;
WG on practical classification issues of chemicals.



Survey for Review
of Chemical Management Regulatory




The Survey will be focused on facilitation of information sharing on chemical management regulatory systems thru CD members’ participation. The output of this activity will be a publication, which will include the information on minimum 17 chemical management regulatory systems, including 14 in APR. The description of each system will be integrated in blocks of the regulatory model, previously elaborated within the CD, for the ease of comparison. Survey will include the description of the OECD, SAICM, APEC recommendations and common regulatory tools and practices on chemicals management. It will provide the stakeholders an opportunity to get the information about chemical systems in place worldwide, including brief legislation overview, information on laboratory infrastructure, information sharing tools and practices and etc. Survey will contribute to lining-up trade relations between economies, facilitate the identification of the possible non-tariff barriers and sharing good regulatory practices. It corresponds to the APEC priority area Strengthening Regional Economic Integration and Quality Growth and supports a goal «to facilitate trade by expanding and supporting regulatory cooperation and mutual recognition in the Region».
The first electronic draft text of the survey will be provided by the Russian Federation to the CD members for comments, revision, editing on the chapters about their own national regulatory system. Afterwards the electronic draft survey will be submitted for CD members’ consideration. The outcome of the project will be a hard-copy publication in English in accordance with APEC publication guidelines.
To date all the texts of the Survey are published on the public portal of the CIS Center. All interested parties have opportunity to leave their comments and suggestions by early may 2018.