Sustainable development

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Sustainable development

Sustainable development relate to strategy of business that focuses on the social, economic and environmental development aspects.

In addition to the government requirements and recommendations, the companies’ initiative plays a significant role. One of the main goals for companies during the transition to sustainable development practices is the responsible investment not only for financial profit, but also for positive social changes and reducing of the adverse impact on the environment.

In order to minimize the negative impact from chemicals on human health and the environment and for enterprises transition toward sustainable development and green economy it is needed to draft a clear methodology for sound management of chemicals by assessing, monitoring and managing of risks of adverse impacts, arising from the handling of chemicals during their life cycle.

You could use as an instrument for sustainable development the following:

  • - Life Cycle Assessment,

  • - Chemical safety report development,

  • - GPS development.

This initiative should give not only objective and reliable assessment of risks for human health and the environment while handling of chemicals, but also improve the management of chemicals in manufactures and enhance security along the whole value chain