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Russian Safety Data Sheets

Russian Safety Data Sheets

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In accordance with GOST 30333-2007, the Russian Safety Data Sheets (RSDS) is a document that is an obligatory part of technical documentation for chemical products, the main purpose of which is to provide the consumer with information on the safety of industrial use, storage, transportation and disposal (disposal) of chemical products , as well as its use for domestic purposes.

The Russian Safety Data Sheets is included in the documentation that is provided for standardization, certification of substances and materials, state environmental impact assessment, licensing, as well as in the accompanying documentation required by customs services for the transportation of chemical products across the territory of the Russian Federation and export-import operations.

We are glad to announce that the Department of "Safety of Substances and Materials" since May of this year has been working on the development of Transport Annex "A"" to the fourteenth section of the Russian Safety Data Sheets.