Waste management

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Waste management


Waste management

The scientific and methodological center "Management of Waste and Secondary Resources" was created on the basis of the EIPC Research Institute in accordance with the order of  the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation No. 2139 from July 3, 2017.

The main activities of the scientific and methodological center "Management of Waste and Secondary Resources" in the area of resource-saving and waste management are:


- analytical, research and development work, providing consulting information and marketing services;

- formation, leading and organization of databases, information resources and other information systems;

- scientific research work in the field of environmental management and resource conservation, including energy saving and energy efficiency, development of secondary raw market, management with wastes including dangerous ones, rehabilitation of territories from technogenic pollution, substantiation of location and processing of industrial waste and consumption;

- monitoring and preparation of proposals for the formation and improvement of the current regulatory framework;

- predictive evaluation for projects of strategic planning documents, programs and investment projects, including projects in the field of import substitution;

- research on regulatory practices;


- inventory of industry state in the field of processing, neutralization and utilization of waste;

- scientific and methodological support and analysis of the efficiency of waste treatment and utilization, including monitoring of applied technologies;

- scientific and methodological support for localization technologies for processing, utilization, neutralization of production and consumption wastes, including solid municipal waste;

- scientific, methodological and project support for the coordination and stimulation of technical re-equipment, modernization of production and technical complexes which handle and neutralize production and consumption wastes including solid municipal waste.

For the realization of these work streams, the scientific and methodological center "Management of Waste and Secondary Resources" carries out the activities stipulated by the EIPC Research Institute Charter.